Court Appointments

Cases Without Counsel

The number of capital defendants on California's death row without habeas counsel is at a crisis level.

  • Costs of Capital Punishment in California   Download PDF
  • Executing the Will of the Voters?   Download PDF
  • California Commission on the Fair Administration of Justice Final Report   Download PDF

Private Counsel Appointments

Historically, the California Supreme Court has appointed counsel to indigent persons for capital post-conviction proceedings. The following websites and documents provide general information regarding capital state habeas appointments:

  • Brochure from the California Supreme Court (CSC) about appointments in capital cases  Download PDF
  • CSC Website - Death Penalty Cases
  • CSC Qualification Criteria for Appointment to Capital Cases
  • CSC Application for Appointment to Capital Appeal and/or Habeas Corpus/Executive Clemency Proceedings. Apply directly to the CSC by using the PDF Form Download PDF or by using the online application.
  • CSC Policies Regarding Cases Arising from Judgments of Death, Including Payment Guidelines   Download PDF
  • CSC News Release: Supreme Court Revises Procedures in Death Penalty Appeals   Download PDF
  • CSC Appendix of Appointed Counsel's Duties   Download PDF
  • CSC Memorandum Regarding Its Fee and Expense Application Process   Download PDF
  • Materials Regarding CSC Compensation for Post-Conviction Discovery:
    • Letter   Download PDF
    • Instructions   Download PDF
    • Form   Download PDF
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